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I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for once again comforting my animals with Homeopathic treatments.

This last treatment was for my 24 yr old Hanoverian gelding “Gronk”

He has melanoma’s, Cushings and unfortunately suffered a bout of founder.

In my opinion the founder was not caused by over feeding but by stress done to his feet.

The combination of the Cushings  and his awkward conformation caused an acute onset of laminitis.

The professionals suggested his expiry date was up.

But, knowing the horse he wasn’t ready, and a darn good thing I know this horse.

Whether the stars were lined in his favour,blind faithe or just pure luck  16 days into the treatment he is back to being his obnoxious self.

Demanding his food, trotting in from the fields and tossing the am feeder around.

The only other treatment we did was put bar shoes on his front, and Lyle doubled the dose of Cyproheptadine, and then the homeopathic substance you prescribed.

I never adjusted his feed as he wasn’t getting enough to matter,on the days prior to treatment he didn’t want out we left him in his stall.

I am continuously dumbfounded how this works. Will he ever go for a leisurely trail ride who knows, but seeing him romp around in all his splendour brings a smile to my face.

As I mentioned this isn’t the first time your treatments have been beneficial.

It was 1990 the first time, when the treatment for sarcoma’s in this horse eyelid saved him from having the eyeball removed.

I believe that was something like cobra venom(I just remember it could harm a smaller animal)lyphospot and I think juice of a cedar leaf?

Amazingly, to the specialist who monitored him for  a few years the tumour shrunk

Then not 3 years ago, my dear black lab Pye had prostate cancer, you were able to shrink the tunour and buy him 2 more years of an amazing life.He lived to 16  and it wasn’t the prostate cancer that took him.

Perhaps in all these treatments the diagnosis and treatments were done at the precise time that was needed,

Or did I just get lucky.

Having witnessed what can happen I am convinced that by being proactive and following your lead there is an alternative to traditional methods.

And yes you might remember on one of my animals Jessie the treatment didn’t work ,but was it my poor timing in seeking help perhaps or just fate keeping me humble.

Anyhow, just wanted to say Thanks

Best Regards,

Sandie DelVecchio

Sandie DelVecchio  | Sandie DelVecchio

I just wanted to tell you that I am already doing better with your plan of care for the Adrenal Fatigue.  One way that I know this is by my response to what happened on the weekend.  My husband fell in a cycling accident on Sunday and broke his collar bone.  After four hours in Emerg at Peace Arch, he was sent home with a sling and pain killers (nasty narcotics), and a referral for an Ortho specialist.  The break is quite bad, although if it had pierced the skin, he would have had surgery right away.  It will need some nuts and bolts to secure it for healing and to strengthen/protect it in future.  Craig is not a complainer ever and has a high tolerance for pain. He can’t even see the doctor til Thursday, then surgery will be booked.  The Ortho doc said the bones can wait til then.  I say, the human should not have to wait. Awful for Craig of course but, here is the big difference for my emotional response:instead of crying, I got mad and took action!  We are going to see Craig’s family doc in Vancouver today to try for quicker care.

Thank you for your help Lyle.  The hopeless and helpless feelings have lifted and I feel confident that I am on the mend.

Yours truly,

Wendy Carter  | Wendy Carter

Dr. Cheng: In February of this year, you helped me to give my cat who is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, a stab at a longer healthy life. You had sent me “Thyroidinum 200CH” to start with. Within a few days..she was another cat! My cat had an immediate turnaround with the treatment you advised. She responded so well. I still have some of the other medication left, but the Thyroidinum 200CH was what definitely got her on the right path. I would like to order another vial of this from you. I have nothing to lose at this point. She is eating a better diet (canned vs dry) and good quality and real chicken, but I really would like to try one more regime of this homeopathic pill. You are a very dedicated and helpful man, and I have recommended you to all who believe in this approach to treatment. I have no idea how long this will help her, but with my choice of diet for her and your advice, she is doing as well as I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much again.
Yours truly, Pauline MacDermid

Pauline MacDermid  | Pauline MacDermid

Stella and Dante eat a healthy raw meat and vegetables diet with no grains. I am very careful about where I buy it from. They also love marrow bones as a treat, and to help clean their teeth.

When Dante had a deep cut on his leg, I used Well Horse on his wound, which I bought from Cloverdale Pharmasave, and it does everything it says it does. I didn’t believe that it would, but it certainly does! Everyone should have some in their veterinary first aid kit.

When I wash the dogs, I use Kirk’s Original Coca Castile bar soap, also from Cloverdale Pharmasave. It leaves the coat squeaky clean and shiny with no skin problems, and is perfectly safe and non-allergic. Henry, the owner of the pharmacy is a wealth of information and good advice – especially when it comes to natural cures and health products for both people and animals, including horses and other livestock. Cloverdale Pharmasave is only too willing to place special orders for me, too. I always recommend them to everyone, and tell them about their regular health seminars and compounding pharmaceutical services.

We are very lucky to have such knowledgeable pharmacists and staff in our community.

Jean  | Jean

It was neat to find Dr Cheng’s name and drugstore address in your
latest issue of Pet Connection.

Our puppy, Charlie was sold to us with a mean cough. Two different vets treated him with antibiotics and charged me over $300.00 yet Charlie kept coughing especially badly in the early mornings.  Finally the breeder figured out our pup’s diagnosis and sent me to Cheng.

Charlie had spongyloides which is a parasite that lives in the lungs of dogs and is quickly passed from one to another. It can cause big problems for a breeder as all the dogs and puppies get it. The [products that Dr. Cheng sold me] cleared up his cough in about three months…given as directed. Since then Charlie has grown healthy.

Just so you know…others have had good experiences dealing with this man.

Ada  | Ada

Just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for changing my life!  Since trying the Bio-identical hormones, following the G-I diet, I have lost 6 and a half pounds, my skin is amazing, I have all my old energy back and really, I just feel fantastic!  Now, no one believes that I am 47, nor a stroke survivor!  I really look forward to working with you in the future (which is very bright!)

Lee  | Lee

INJURED HORSE (Letter sent by Kevan of Chilliwack, BC)
***(CAUTION: Graphic photographs of George’s injury)***

On February 22nd, 2006 our 14-year old quarterhorse, George, suffered a serious injury after he became impaled on a fencepost. The wound that resulted was almost 2 feet long and over 8 inches deep.

After calling our vet, then my wife, I ushered George into the barn & did my best to stem the bleeding, and try to wait patiently for the cavalry to arrive. Our vet looked George over & determined the nature & severity of the gash was “inoperable”; meaning that apart from administering some antibiotics to ward off infection, we had no choice but to let George & Mother Nature work together on this one. This was unacceptable to us; so the next day I paid a visit to Henry at the Cloverdale Pharmasave.

Henry [of Cloverdale Pharmasave] has helped us in the past with a number of other situations & maladies, and his assistance has always been nothing short of measurable. In his trademark calm way, he carefully explained what he thought would provide George with what he needed most.

Henry suggested a 3-pronged approach, which consisted of an oral immuno-booster, an additional immune system catalyst to be delivered by intra-muscular injection, and a topical treatment to keep infection to a minimum. At the time George was also receiving regular treatments of Recovery EQ for joint issues, which Henry had prescribed some months before. I expressed my concerns about compounding these treatments, and Henry once again took the time to carefully explain the how’s & why’s of each treatment, and what their specific relationships with each other would entail. In short, Henry “wrote the book” on how he thought George would recover. He was adamant that we not only continue with the Recovery, but increase the doses slightly over the next 3-4 weeks.

The next few days were tense ones for us. The initial healing process was what could only be described as “gut-wrenching”, but true to Henry’s predictions, George did indeed begin to mend. It wasn’t too long at all until we began to see positive results where earlier we saw only dread.

During a follow-up visit, our vet was completely amazed at not only the speed of George’s recovery, but the condition of the regenerated tissue. Within less than 2 months, George displayed an unmistakable eagerness to “get back to work”.

In 35 years I have never seen such a grievous injury to any horse that actually survived, let alone witnessed such an astoundingly rapid recovery. We may never be entirely sure which of the compounds Henry prescribed helped the most; indeed, it may well have been the cumulative powers of all of them together. We are certain of one thing, however: the Recovery EQ was at least a pivotal component of George’s healing process

Following are pictures of George’s injury & subsequent recovery:

Day 0: 3-4 hours post-trauma:
Day 0: 3-4 hours post-trauma 

Day 3: 2 days from beginning of homeopathic remedy (Trameel, Arnica & Cothivet) Recovery EQ dosage increased by 20%:
George Day 3

Day 4: Wound continuing to close; increased serum flow:
George Day 4

Day 6: Citricisation almost complete. Fold to the left is shrinking; fold to the right becoming necrotic Recovery dose increased by 50%:
George Day 6

Day 12: Last day of antibiotics serum production almost nil:
George Day 12

Day 12: Emphysema developing in left shoulder, neck & leg (note puffiness as opposed to hollowing on right side):
George Day 12 II 

Day 20: Inside wound completely sealed, serum flow increasing. Kooter has begun licking the scabs off & EATING them! Emphysema no longer spreading (stopped just behind withers):
George Day 20

Day 27: Center of wound sealing nicely, emphysema subsided, serum flow minimal:
George Day 27

Day 49: Interior of the wound itself is less than ½” deep. Serum flow ceased entirely, and hair has already begun to grow across the lower 2 & 1/2 to 3 inches. Wound has been healing from the bottom up. As a result, some edema is seen to the right of the wound in the picture. This is likely due to the loss of effective drainage the previously open wound provided:
George Day 49

Day 78: Top & bottom of wound completely healed (slight line visible where wound has healed at top) No necrotic tissue whatsoever!
George Day 78

July 2006:
George July 2006 Recoverd 

Kevan from Chilliwack  | Kevan from Chilliwack

Thank you for making me a happy bride on my wedding day! I have always had so-so skin with periodic breakouts here and there. 3 months before my big day my make-up artist told me I needed to do something about my skin or she would have to cake on the cover-up. I started using the Oxylift with the Seabuckthorn Berry Cream and WOW, what a difference! My make-up artist was quite pleased she was able to go easy on the cover-up and commented on how my skin smoothed out. Thank you again!

Elizabeth from Coquitlam  | Elizabeth from Coquitlam

At first I wasn’t sure it was working for me so I emailed Pharmasave to ask for advice. I was told that some people start to see results within a couple of weeks but to give it at least 4 weeks. I guess I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to see any results after 2 weeks but I used it diligently for a few more weeks and WOW! I’m glad I stuck to it!

Loretta from Surrey  | Loretta from Surrey

I have been using the facial cream (Urist Wrinkle & Frown Line Cream) and the Oxylift for quite some time now. I noticed and also have comments from friends and even my facial lady that my skin has improved. I am so thankful for your recommendation…

Anita from Toronto  | Anita from Toronto

Love Love LOVE it!

Cindy from Cloverdale  | Cindy from Cloverdale

Easy to use, worked well with the cream I already had. I had great comments from my friends telling me that I looked younger!

Lexy from Surrey  | Lexy from Surrey

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