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Anonymous Patient

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    There are so many people who seem to turn away when you are diagnosed with cancer – that awful word that takes more and more people each year. After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer (as it had spread to the lymph nodes surrounding the colon), the cancer and lymph nodes were removed and a resection performed by the best surgeon around who visits you in the early morning and is there for you when I ended up in Emergency.

    I was then referred to the Cancer Clinic where I was set up to get an Injection on day 1 followed by 14 days of Chemo Pills, one week “off” where you took a blood test. My critical, severe reaction to the first injection ended any thoughts I had previously of ever, ever doing that again so I was only on the chemo pills every 14 days, one week off, then commence the 14 day cycle for 8 cycles.

    My chances of recovery were reduced by not taking the injections and then further reduced by having to lower the dosage due to reactions on the chemo pills. My chances were now down to 30% recovery.

    The Oncologists are not able to provide any thoughts on alternative medicine or supplements that can be taken.

    Upon completion of the 8 month cycle, I had to wait 3 months in order to get a scan and I was not about to just sit back and not do “something” about it. I read, I listened to 4 friends on alternatives, I eliminated white sugar and drank only Purified water (not spring, not distilled) along with many, many other items recommended by these people.

    One of the friends suggested taking something that sounded like Runshi – a red mushroom and when I asked where to get it, I was told to stop by Cloverdale Pharmacy.

    How fortunate for me! This pharmacy is unlike any other Pharmacy in so many ways. They cater to animals from Horses to Cows to dogs, cats and Humans. This is where I first met Fred the Pharmacist. He was so gentle and when I asked about this red mushroom (thinking it was an actual mushroom) he asked what I was going to use it for and I basically told him my situation and he started recommending other Vitamins.

    There was something that was mentioned about his father (Henry) being more knowledgeable in this field and that he could help me to determine what to take and would be best for my type of cancer.

    I was prepared to do anything – well just about anything – I had heard of Doctors in the States practicing alternative medicine and I had read Suzanne Somers book “Knockout” where these Doctor’s are constantly fighting the FDA (or rather the FDA is fighting them) along with a ton of websites and other books on cancer. I could not afford to travel around the States to these Doctors who have to practice in Mexico or to find the time to stay down there.

    During this time my constant companion and best friend was my puppy who sat by me through pain and tears and watching TV, never leaving my side – well, my husband too.

    I set up a consultation with Fred’s father, Henry. Not only did he know everything that I had read about, seen on websites but was able to draw up charts, supplements to take that I could follow at home. He was just the VERY BEST. You felt that he really cared about your well-being. Your chart was made up specifically for you. There was absolutely nothing he couldn’t answer about anything I asked (and I asked a ton of questions).

    Anyone who is reading this memo has to realize that YOU are the one who has to make the decisions on what will happen and what you will do. I chose traditional (chemo) and during the long waiting period, I then decided not to wait and think that the chemo had stopped the spread of cancer and to change a few things in my life. To take vitamins and supplements to build up my immune system along with a month of detox.

    This is not cheap so be prepared but it was WORTH every single penny invested.   All the time I spent reading and visiting various websites and questioned Henry on them, he knew all about them and explained to me everything (and more) on what I could do to help my body to heal.

    Nothing was beyond his expertise. There was no question he could not answer and explained to me in layman terms so that I could understand the benefits for me or why the product would not be as good as another product.

    I then decided my husband should also see Henry on an enlarged prostate and that too has helped him. 

    Today I am “colon-cancer” free – does that mean I won’t get another cancer tomorrow – who knows. The Doctors seem to think that the chemo did the job but I know that if I hadn’t followed Henry’s “protocal” or his “Homeopathic charts” or being detoxed along with taking vitamins, taking other items that were recommended the cancer might have taken hold elsewhere.

    Do you have a medical problem? Why not get a consult with Henry to see if there is something more than can be recommended. And “what if” he is able to get rid of your problem with some natural supplements. The only thing you have to do is place some Trust in this Extremely knowledgeable person. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

    (Patient preferred to remain anonymous)

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