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Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

July 1, 2010

Dr. Henry Cheng

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are stubborn conditions related to an upset immunity.   Natural medicine can help to balance the immunity and bring forth some benefit.   To start a natural program, a course of cellular detoxification is needed to provide a clean working field.   Cellular detox means using homeopathic medicines to activate and energize the cells to expel toxins.   Toxins from the cells diffuse into the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells.   This fluid is collected in lymphatic vessels which eventually flow into the blood system that in turn brings the toxins to the liver for processing.  The processed toxins that are soluble are then excreted by the kidneys and the insoluble ones in the bile and stool. 

Cellular detoxification can only be achieved with homeopathic medicine and a popular tool is called the Heel Detox kit®. By comparison, Herbal medicines, laxatives, enemas, and diuretics cleanse the lower “sewage” only and will not activate the cells.  Typically a patient will feel a bit “off” the first week of the program, but will regain energy at the end of the 20-day program.

The pain is the result of lactic acid build-up and soft tissue inflammation.   Homeopathic complexes have been designed to fight both lactic acid and inflammation.   The “FM Complex” contains Acidum Sarcolacticum, Cuprum Metallicum, Calcarea Fluorica, Magnesium Pholsphoricum and Kalium Phosphoricum.  Herbal anti-inflammatory agents like yucca, devil’s claw, white willow bark, boswelia, etc. are mild analgesics.  They work better in comination.   A popular preparation is called End Pain®.  Enzyme preparations fight inflammation by digesting away the inflammatory debris.  The enteric coated German brand Wobenzyme® is the most studied preparation.

Fatigue is due to the fact that the power house of the cells fails to turn out enough energy to support the body’s activities.  Hence the source of energy i.e. nutrition plays a major role in the management of this condition.  A study by Dr. J. E. Teitelbaum at the Fatigue Centre in Dallas Texas showed that fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients who took 5 grams of D-Ribose three times daily reported less muscles soreness and stiffness, better ability to overcome fatigue, and better general well being.  (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Nov 2006).   A medical food (meal substitute) made by Metagenics called UltraInflam X 360® is known to produce dramatic pain relief when used with Magnesium Malate and homeopathic complexes. Nutritional supplements that enhance energy production like Magnesium Malate, Malic acid, and Vitamin B’s also help the pain.  

It is believed that the inflammation is due to an obscure auto-immune response, so balancing of the immunity may help the condition.  This can be achieved with medicinal mushrooms (Red Reishi, YunZhi, etc.), plant sterols and sterolins, arabinogalactin, or homeopathic Thymuline 9CH.  A 6-month course is needed for herbal remedies and a 10 week course for homeopathic remedies.  

Stress always plays an important part in exacerbations and relapses, so a good outlook in life, regular exercise, and wise time management will benefit the condition. To manage this condition well, one needs to address every tier of the problem complex.

Dr. Henry Cheng is a medical graduate of the University of London, England and is now Certified Natural Products Advisor at Pharmasave Downtown Cloverdale.

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